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Neodyne Technologies, is a dynamic business that emphasizes on designing, engineering and project management. Neodyne provides a broad range of services which are developed and applied around innovative core technology processes. 

Services provided are; manufacturing, research & development in metal matrix, carbon composites, mechanical & aerospace engineering, concept modeling & prototyping, lightweight component structural design, equipment design & build, and testing.

Our philosophy is to produce the correct information and strategy to enable our customers to take their project to the next level. Often there seems to be a gap between the design which has been produced, but lacking information needed for the manufacturing process.

Engineering & Designing Overview

Markets Served:

Ο Aerospace and Defense Mission Systems
Ο Professional Motorsports & Sports Technology
Ο SATCOM System & Technologies

Design and engineering is about creative brainstorming with a purpose, sharing ideas, and innovating in a collaborative spirit. The more diverse input you get to feed the creation process, the more interesting output you get. Differences in people’s cultures and backgrounds provide an incredible cross-fertilization opportunity to invent the future. Neodyne Technologies was created with diversity in mind, utilizing a variety of specialists in different disciplines.